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Actress, Candle-making instructor

“I’m no stranger to body-shaming comments growing up, but things got even worse after I became a public figure. The plague of judgement and unnecessary remarks took a toll on my self-esteem and confidence, causing me to obsessively look for ways to lose weight,” said Rose. It was only after her experience with mental and physical health issues then she realised her own body should be loved and owned by no one but herself. “Through this project, I’d like to let everyone out there, no matter men or women, to know how important it is to be kind to yourself and others, the journey to self-love and acceptance is not an easy one but you’re not alone.”



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The ultimate goal is to support our ACGs in doing what they love - be it creating content, making music or acting; and for fans to build wealth by supporting their ACGs. All ACGs will have their fair share in all of the projects.

Michelle Kwok

Performer, Good Night Show IV contestant

“I’ve always loved to paint for fun since I was young but it gained a new meaning after I joined the Good Night Show,” said Michelle, thinking about the days being a contestant, “I was stressed by the flood of critics, be it good or bad, it definitely put me under some pressure. That was the moment when I fell in love with painting again – it is a meditative process; and it gave me courage to keep chasing my dreams. Life is a blank canvas and you should always paint it with spectacular colours of your choice. This project is just another beautiful stroke that I made in my journey to achieve my dreams, what will yours be?”


TV host, Actress, Dubbing Specialist

With her sweet smile and cheerful personality, Renee has always been labelled as feminine and sweet. “I’m actually quite boyish and I can be tough in real life,” she said, “People always think I’m joking whenever I said that. Sometimes it makes me feel that maybe this part of myself is not ‘likable’ but then I realised it is the different sides of me that completes me,” Renee continues with determination in her smiling eyes, “I think no one should ever be bound by the way they look. To me, this is not a project to proof this or that about myself, but me freeing myself from the invisible boundaries that has withheld me from being so much more.”

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Actress, Miss Mask Pageant 2nd runner up,

Food Youtuber

“It was the beat and rhythm and beats that fascinated me,” said Poyan with her signature smile. When one thought Poyan could not be any busier, she gained herself a new identity again – a drummer. “As a grown-up, we often give ourselves a lot of excuses not to start a new hobby but what you gain from new learnings, in fact, will always be more than what you expected. The groove and fills in drumming have made me a better performer on stage because rhythm and tempo are crucial in every single performance or speech. I never limit myself and here I am – ready to show everyone another side of me in the metaverse.”